Consumer Alert



Here at Master Clean, our customer services starts even before you give us a call, ask for an estimate or meet us on the job. We want OUR customers to know that Master Clean takes great pride in the work that we perform and we want everyone to be aware that there are impostors out there, trying to ride on our coattails. Some companies misrepresent themselves as being affiliated with us…they are NOT. If you don’t see the Master Clean logo on their shirts, if they don’t pull into your drive with a RED van…BUYER beware. We want you to be sure that OUR reputation hasn’t preceded THEM. We often get calls from individuals that hired “the other guys” requesting that the REAL Master Clean come to their home or business to clean the mistakes our competitor left behind.

At Master Clean we guarantee our work. We guarantee our professionalism. We guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to get the job done right, the first time. If your see OUR red trucks are back in a driveway after the first job for a customer, it’s because they’ve called us back to do more for them because we did an amazing job the first time!